Wendigo: technology and magic

In technological terms, the world of Wendigo has different types of people, even if most armies are relatively well equipped. This happens because most of the technological development is dedicated to warfare. This is a pressing point in the game, as it’s clearly obvious the uniqueness of having medieval-like cultures coexisting with modern and futuristic warfare. It’s not unseen in the media, but, even so, it’s an unique brand of the game.

There may be, however, some higher level personalities and entities that have access and/or develop more peaceful technology. However, this kind of devices are sometimes unwelcome in some countries as they are relatively new and often connoted with witchcraft and magic, so they are hard to find (although they will definitely be present in the game and in most, if not all, paths that are available to the player). Of course, this technophobia is not generalized, and some countries embrace the benefits these findings can bring them. This will ensure that the player will find enough variety in the game to establish different moods in different areas, but will also be drawn to technology as it’s rare and wonderful.

Magic, that’s another story. My aim is to mimic, in a way, my view of magic in our own world. The world of Wendigo has rules that don’t apply in real life, and I take advantage of that to create unpredictable and hopefully interesting situations. Not only are there fictional races and animals, as I’ll talk about ahead, but there are also inhuman abilities that can be considered magic, and actually are so by many.

In what concerns most of the world’s population, magic is a myth, something that doesn’t actually exist, or even something that’s just the consequence of something they don’t quite understand. For instance, modern weapons may be regarded as magical by some people, but they understand that they are so only because they don’t understand how they work. Magic, or magica, as some say (also magicacka, magicka and maggi), the “real” magic, is regarded by most as pure myth, and those who believe it actually exist, see it as something other than science or technology. What it really is, that which they call magic, is the power of some powerful minds at work. Such powerful minds are extremely hard to find, and they sometimes gather in communities, as will be unveiled in the game’s plot. They hold great magical power, but always act behind the scenes, without letting others know of their existence, because secrecy is, for most of them, their most powerful weapon. Among their powers are things like telepathy, hypnosis, telekinesis and even pure old-school scientific knowledge, which is also regarded as magic, most of the times.

Taken from Wendigo design document ver. 0.2b, October 18, 2009, chapter 14, points 3.

More on Wendigo‘s setting is bound to come up, so keep in touch!

Disclaimer: the image at the top is from Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, not from Wendigo.


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  1. Sérgio said,

    December 16, 2009 at 21:32

    Até agora estou a gostar bastante do que vejo. Infelizmente não tenho nem tempo nem qualificação para te ajudar neste projecto, mas manterei um olho aberto à espera de novas notícias. Boa sorte com o desenvolvimento do que parece que se tornará um grande jogo no futuro.

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