Post #1

Hello everyone. My name is Tiago Sá and I like a great many things. One of them is videogames, in particular game design, and that’s what I’ll be talking about, for the most part, here, in this WordPress blog.

Wendigo. Some of you, those of you who know me from somewhere else may have heard or read about it. Wendigo is a game that I am developing. Given it’s still in its design stage, pre-alpha, ante-production, whatever you may want to call it, it’s going steady, even though there are no certainties for the future as to how to develop it. And here, I will talk about game design, in general, and how I see the different issues that I think about during the design process of Wendigo.

Don’t expect a steady flow of articles, though.

Don’t expect anything.

In any case, this is the first post of Wendigo Design, by Tiago Sá. Hope you enjoy reading what’s to come.


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