Wendigo: technology and magic

In technological terms, the world of Wendigo has different types of people, even if most armies are relatively well equipped. This happens because most of the technological development is dedicated to warfare. This is a pressing point in the game, as it’s clearly obvious the uniqueness of having medieval-like cultures coexisting with modern and futuristic warfare. It’s not unseen in the media, but, even so, it’s an unique brand of the game. Read the rest of this entry »


Wendigo: the world

When we talk about a game’s stetting, we have to take into account its design, and how it supports the setting with the mechanics it employs. Wendigo’s design works with most settings, in a sense that most fiction genres work well under its mechanics, whether they are futuristic or fantastic, or any point in between. Of course, its whole idea was designed for a character centric game experience, on a semi-flat world, and fully three-dimensional game worlds probably won’t work on this kind of engine.

The specific setting I chose was not taken into (much) account during the design process of the game basics, because I know that pretty much anything I created would blend well into them. And it does. Of course, available technology was taken into account when designing the combat and character systems, and the latter was also influenced by available areas, quests and resources. Read the rest of this entry »

Now Playing: Operation Flashpoint – Dragon Rising

Got a hold of the latest tactical shooter in the PC market, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and you know what? It’s pretty awesome! For an open field military shooter. I personally was never a fan of the genre, preferring less expansive stealth operations, but this one has succeeded at getting my attention and is delivering quite well. Read the rest of this entry »

RPGWatch turns 3 and needs people

My primary source of RPG news, RPGWatch, has gone through its third birthday this week. Or so they say. More importantly, they need people to post news and write articles, so contact them if you’re interested, and if you’re not, subscribe to their RSS feed and keep up with all you need to know about RPGs.

Combat system 101

The combat system designed for this game is definitely very innovative, and could really become a major influence in future strategy heavy games. Even though the player only directly controls one character in Wendigo, the system is also suited for party-based combat, with few modifications required.

Just as I did with the camera and control schemes, I will look at both ends of the spectrum and see what kind of combat mechanics would fit my vision best. Read the rest of this entry »

An introduction to gameplay

Camera behavior and control schemes are, of course, a very important factor of any game, and will influence pretty much every aspects of gameplay and general game experience. I thought longly about this, and will present here my thoughts about the subjects. Read the rest of this entry »

Post #1

Hello everyone. My name is Tiago Sá and I like a great many things. One of them is videogames, in particular game design, and that’s what I’ll be talking about, for the most part, here, in this WordPress blog. Read the rest of this entry »